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Probably not alliance approved , but at least you still have the hot cops for support.

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Babz wrote
Just let me grab my MAGIC MARKER!...OR CANDY!

wayne jarvis wrote
i heart GOB... i'm ordering this tomorrow :)

ashu wrote
I love jobe

ktk wrote
I miss AR! one of the best shows ever! I love the shirts keep them comming!

Unknown wrote
Its GOB you buffoon! =) I've made a HUGE mistake.

brad wrote
yeS!!! keep the arrested development T-shirts coming!!!

Jessica wrote
But still, where'd the lighter fluid come from?

joss wrote
Please add more Arrested Development t-shirts. I'll buy all of them!

marisa wrote
I love GOB!!! Especially his theme song. Oh and that his son is Steve Holt.

"You... like... magic?"
"No... I love it!"

Donnie. wrote
...and he covers her with Club Sauce.

ruby wrote
...or cocaine, add more shirts

bri wrote
id buy a david cross one

samantha rae wrote
ah! i want this!

SuperGirlie wrote
How about Tobias, the never-nude, on a shirt?

rob wrote
the "or cocaine" part in front of the kids is what makes it funny. put it on the back.

jbudd wrote
I love Gob

Nate the Snake wrote
Simply amazing ... better than Club sauce ... or even spicy Club sauce

pollution wrote
heh oh yea. the man in the $5000 suit is gonna hold the elevator for someone that doesnt make that in a month. COME ON

feeps wrote
they need a "The Man Inside Me" Tobias shirt

derek wrote
seriously, they should add ...or cocaine onto the shirt, that'd make it even better.

Kris wrote
I want one of GOB with Franklin.

TY wrote
I should be in this poof!

Aussie wrote

GOB: wrote
I can wear this into a large bowl of chowder. Everyone wins!

Naomi wrote

omfg wrote
this is the greatest day of my life. i can't wait until i get my paycheck!!!!

WooooHOOhoooooo wrote
Illuuuusion Micheallll...

GOB wrote
dad get in the sarcophogus!

not an idiot wrote
ashu is a dumbass...jobe... its GOB

Danny Fishcharge wrote
How about a Bob Loblaw t-shirt?!

GOB wrote
I've made a huge mistake.

loveAD4ever wrote
No, I want a chicken t-shirt

laz wrote
or candy

G.O.B. wrote
Let me ask you something, is this a business decision, or is it personal? 'Cause if it's business I'll go away happily. But if it's personal, I'll go away ... but I won't be happy.

Meryl wrote
How about the chicken imprssions each AD family member does?? Could you make a t-shirt of that? Thanks

katie wrote

chickens dont clap!! wrote
coka - coka - caw! coka - coka - caw! (GOB)

coo - coo - ca - chaaa! coo - coo - ca - chaaa! (george)

a - coodle - doodle - doo! a - coodle - doodle - doo! (lucille)

chaw - chee - chaw - chee - chaw! (lindsay)

has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken? (michael)

hot_ham_water wrote
Tobias was the greatest..... There are dozens of us—DOZENS!!

Linds wrote

GenreSlut wrote
I hate you all. if you all love the show this much, then how come enough of you didn't watch it when it was on Fox and save it from getting canned?! God, you're blowing my mind right now, Frank....and while im on the line, how about a t-shirt with Ann on it that says Egg underneath

GOBIAS wrote
He never got to see my bee business...

gMichael wrote
hey uncle gob, has aunt lindsey ever been pregnant?

yeah sure, dozens of times

Campbell wrote
You better check your lease, man. Because *you're* livin' in Fuck City!

JV wrote
Michael, I'm your older brother... I'm never going to be impressed by what you do.

AR has the greatest fans ever.

Fred wrote
I dont want your stupid cards MICHAEL!

Bowie's in SPACE wrote
White Power Bill can't hear you...with such dirty ears!
"WHITE POWER!" (shank!) "...I'm...white..."

Prince11 wrote
It ain't easy being white! just ask franklin!

Look at us, crying like a couple of girls!

Love AR! wrote
It ain't easy being white. It ain't easy being brown. All this pressure to be bright. I got childrens all over town!
Hey, where'd he go?

SARS wrote

Eric wrote
$15??? its at least worth more than my $6500 suit. C\'MON!!!

Chrissy wrote
I was really hoping for a graham cracker.

hayley wrote
how about gob's boat with C-Word on the back? great t shirt

Stu wrote
Tobias : Oh i forgot, here in the states they call it a sausage in the mouth

Michael : no it's just sausage

anonymous wrote
That\'s not my trick michael.....It\'s my illusion!

Crindy wrote
Hey, if i can't find another horny immigrant in three days, i don't DESERVE to stay here

danny wrote
Well, yeah you've gotta lock that down.

Gob Bluth wrote
Why don't I just take a piss in my $5,000 suit.!
C - O - M - E O - N

susan Weber wrote
or cocaine

Dave wrote
it should say "...or cocain" on the back.

yep wrote
definitely needs "...or cocaine" on the back

Brock wrote
PLEASE put or cocaine on the back.

agree wrote
seriously, it would be the best thing ever if "or cocaine" was on the back. I'll stil buy it the way it is though.

Chaz wrote
"Forget me nows."

Steve Holt wrote

I seriously want to have you all over for dinner. This shirt rocks, I just ordered 2.

Chicken wrote
You guys are all great!
I 'm crying. This was soooo funny to read - it brought back so many great memories! Ah, man I miss them.

Mike wrote
any chance we can see how the shirts on someone who is less douchey looking?

Dan wrote
There's always money in the banana stand.

skarah wrote
"hey gob do you remember having a sister growing up?"
"I mean other than lindsay of course"

George Michael Bluth wrote
Can we have a shirt with Lindsay on it, and GOB saying, "You're a surfboard!"?

GOB wrote
Steve Holt is a bastard. He doesn’t even know who his real father is. What else don’t we know about Steve Holt? George Michael Bluth is a cool guy. His dad is a powerful executive, working for this man. The girls like him just fine. Young and old, it doesn’t matter... in the dark.

FDR wrote
All I know is I\'ve got to get a date before Tobias does
It\'s not a competition Lindsay
Sure it Michael, that\'s why it\'s called SCORING
... maybe in the 70\'s
Really? I\'m way below that amount

Ed wrote
"I hope you didn't come looking for a hand out because we run a pretty tight ship here."
"With a pool table?"
"It's a gaming ship."

JV wrote

Becky wrote
Check out banner, Michael!

Kiki wrote
We need one with Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom on it!

IlovGM wrote
Please make a shirt with george michael on it! Also, one with Buster...\"as if anyone would want to R her!\" in reference to Lucile .

Vampiric Lover wrote
"Take this and love us again!"

"I call them forget-me-nows"
"Is that a roofie?"

"Mother, don't make me give you another one!"

"Look at banner Michael!"
banner reads," Family love Michael"

Adam wrote
"You drop that in a pot of boiling water add some broth some mixed veggies, and you got stew going baby."

Chris wrote
There needs to be a Never Nude shirt with: "I understand more than you'll never know"

make it happen!

Reece wrote

jas wrote
should have a ben stiller shirt with the W beard and the W fingers with the cabbage on his shoulder and bin in the background
"Did somebody say wonder?!"

adrienne wrote
they need one of gob in a suit just saying COME ON!

jerk wrote
how am i going to get anyone to go into that musty old clap-trap?
....ah! the cabin

shae wrote
woah woah woah, theres stil pla\enty of meat on that bone! take it home, put it in a pot, add some broth, a potato......baby you got a STEW goin!!!!

do you like ham?
no......I LOVE IT.

Watch out for the Arrested Developmet MOVIE coming out in a couple years...

Jareth Cutestorey wrote
I had to hop on with a comment.

You're gonna get hop-ons....

mikey wrote
"I'm an ideas man Michael. I think I proved that with "[beep] Mountain"

Gatty wrote
Michael: Maybe it\'s time you went out there and got yourself a girl... PET!
Buster: How about a turtle? I love those leathery little snappy faces.
Michael: Boy, you certainly know the type.

Add a pick of Buster without the hand...

Oh, and don't hate...we aren't the reason the show was cancelled. It is all the people who aren't writing here who didn't watch the show that are the reason it isn't on anymore. Awesome show. Miss it!

Analrapist wrote

Chris wrote
I just blue myself.

Ingrid wrote
Fucking hilarious man.

"This is Anyong"
"Yes Anyong"

Alison Blais wrote
Seriously!...COME ON!!!!

bobloblaw wrote
look at what we've become, fellow fans...desperately demonstrating our episodic knowledge on a t-shirt website.

Stan Sitwell wrote
Gobias, as in Gobias some coffee.

btw I think it should say or candy on the back.

Annyong wrote
Glasses off. Hair down. Okay, glasses back on, hair back up.

Barrett wrote
Oh my GOD! World's best arrested development/magician shirt! I'm all over it!

uncomfortablehugs wrote
what about macaroni...let me finish....salad?

Catherine wrote
You couldn't pick her out of a line up of one

Oh, aren't you Mr Marriage expert. No wait, I forgot, YOUR WIFE IS DEAD!!


Best. show. ever.

Ryan wrote
We need a Tobias one that has him in his cut offs, and says Never Nudes

There's dozens of us.

weshantbetellingyourmotheraboutthisshantwe wrote
Lucille was suffering from a hangover-related headache and sought her medication. That's when she mistook the red eye alcohol warning for a winking-eye alcohol suggestion.

boy fights wrote
Michael: What's this?
GOB: Just practicing my testimony... in a fake witness box
M: and u couldn't have just taken my stuff off the desk first, unplug my computer?
GOB: Justice is swift michael

Mrs. Veal wrote
Take me to your secular world, Michael!

Drew wrote
Michael: You just sunk a $700,000 yacht...
GOB: With $900,000 dollars worth of insurance money! How about "good job"?!?!

Magicians Alliance wrote
"A good trick for a human perhaps...but the dogs found him almost instantly."

Sarah wrote
Seriously, you guys need to make a shirt that has to do with Bob Loblaw

Bec wrote
My brother wasn't optimistic it could be done, but i wasn't going to take wasn't optimistic it could be done, for an answer.

GOB lover wrote
Lucille: "Get me a vodka rocks"
Michael: "It's breakfast!"
Lucille: "...with toast"

A group of 6 of my friends all bought this Tshirt to wear to a music festival in Australia. Continuing the Arrested Development dream. Sniff, sniff.

Arrested Development Died Too Young wrote

Oosty of Australia wrote
GenreSlut... America wasn't the only country to get this show!

Great Shirt!

bo wrote
they are making an AR movie!!!! best day of my life

Trisha wrote
There once was a yacht....and now there is NOT!!

Sean wrote
howsabout "Shoot me dragon".....?

her? wrote
"not pictured"

People in england love AD too, how could they give us something so good then take it away so soon!

MayonEgg wrote
OMG, “You better check your lease, man. Because you're livin' in F*ck City!” and Lindsay the surfboard are must-haves! We also really need one with George Michael, preferably making his most awkwardly uncomfortable face saying "Wow, what a sexy fun time for you"
Yes! The hop-ons! How sweet would it be to have a shirt with an airplane truck on it that said “You’re gonna get hop-ons”? Hahahaha!

PS. Not desperately demonstrating our knowledge, desperately begging for more t-shirts, there’s a difference ;)

Chicken Dancer wrote

Cha Chi-Cha Chi-Cha

We need a shirt that shows all of the chicken dances!

Or a big picture of gob's face with the chicken mask on.

Person wrote
Ann? Who's Ann?

kml wrote

The Muffin Man wrote
Can you make me a tshirt that has Andy Richter on it and say, "you are in complete control of the situation"

Xen0 wrote
I just made a huge mistake...
Ordered the wrong size. Oh well. STILL FITS!

dino210 wrote
"...I run a tight ship around here Michael...."
"That's a pool table."
"I'ts a gaming ship."

fan #9683645 wrote
"Would you like anything else?"
"No thanks, I have to get back to rehab."

Lance wrote
the bob loblaw law blog!

Andrew wrote
"Why settle for the the best.....when you could have all the rest?"

Egg wrote
OMFG, I second the bob Loblaw shirt and for the love of beer give us a shirt with a picture of anne that says 'Anne Veal (Not Pictured)'. MARRY ME!

GOB Bluth wrote
I know all about those religious types, believe me, when they get pregnant, they stay pregnant. I dated one of them in high school...........................................................no I didn't.

Barry Zuckerkorn wrote
Where's the love? Screw Bob Loblaw.

ps- Those are balls.

gob123 wrote
best page ever.
best tshirt ever.
best line in AD.

Maddas wrote
Just because you got a crocodile in spelling...

franklin wrote

Touch me wrote
Mamma Horny Michael

Gobias Industries wrote
Michael Bluth: [calling from prison, taking about his brother, Gob] I've got a nice hard cot with his name on it.

Lucille: You would do that to your brother?

Michael Bluth: I said "cot".

M wrote
"but where did the lighter fluid come from?????!!!!!??"

GOBIAS Industries wrote
"The Bob Loblaw Law Blog. You sir are a mouthful"

Taylor wrote
I was just telling my roommate how I wanted to be friends with everyone on here. I LOVE A.D.

Does anybody love Barry Zuckerkorn as much as me?? "Well, thats what it said on Ask Jeeves"

George Bluth wrote
Who the "f*ck left the cap off my glycerin!!?!?!?!?

D Staff wrote
It's personal...

BZZZ!! wrote
We\'ll see who brings in more honey...

Ima watch some episodes right now... wrote
They should totally make a shirt with Tobias dressed up as Felonia Featherbottom jumping off the 2nd floor with an umbrella!!!

[Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom]: ...he saw you pounding that sweet piece of Veal.

You never promise crazy a baby!!!

Rosemary wrote
I NEED this shirt.
Will Arnett is amazing.

Bobby wrote
I'd get this shirt if it didn't say "whore" on it... just don't want to be walking around in public with profanities on my shirt, not my style. I love the graphic and the "ILLUSIONS" text though. Censored version plz! (I know I sound like a pansy)

Hwey wrote
Brillliant T-Shirt....
Absolutely Brilliant


Summer wrote
The best quote ever:

WOULD A COWARD HAVE THESE, MOTHER? (shows lucille stuffed animals)

Aimz wrote
You are all my new best friends. someone should create a fan site for AD. Do you think if we get enough new people addicted to the show they will make more?
We need more.
this is an awsome top. lets get one of egg... "Not Pictured"
(Georgre Michael) "she's so pretty."
(Michael) "really... maybe it's your eyes. maybe you need glasses!"
*george michael confused*
(Michael) "uh...didn't you say you have trouble reading the board?"

meredith wrote
best quote;
Michael to Gob: Get rid of the Seaward.
Lucille: I'll leave when I'm good and ready.

derm wrote
we are not here to talk nonsense to bob loblaw

how about this one wrote
"You sunk the yacht?! Nana was on that yacht!"
"Don't worry, Nana is fine! She's been dead for six months!"

Mike wrote
So Watery and yet, there's a smack of ham.

Gangy wrote
Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb.

GOB wrote
I appreicate your time

shot me wrote
Iv made a big mistake...

Sadler wrote
Hey Aimz, check out the-op.com

Biggest fansite we have, any AD New York fans out here?

Anyways, if you see me i'll be the girl in the $15 dollar t-shirt. COME ON!

Marce wrote
I miss arrested developmet!!!!smart show....

DT wrote
I seem to have prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, so to speak, and now I have somewhat of a mess on my hands.

Shawn wrote
Hello, mon frere! That's french for brother. I don't know how i know that, I took 4 years of spanish!

Lindsay Bluth wrote
How about a red tank-top with 'SLUT' written on it in bold, black font?

Jessica wrote
If I haven't found a horny immigrant by then- I don't deserve to stay.

kleokatra wrote
It's not the first time I've had to replace Barry Zuckercorn.

bigineurope wrote
Buster: I will NEVER love again!
Marta: Hello?
Buster: Oh my God!

Franklin wrote
It aint easy being white. It Aint easy being brownd. So hard to be right. I got kids all over town.

Pennies from heaven wrote
GOB: Well, I will tell you this, Michael. I don't have a son...
Narrator: He does.
GOB: But if I ever do I'm either going to take him to the cabin in the woods or I'm going to promise to take him and then not take him. But the one thing that I will never do is not tell him that I'm taking him to a cabin in the woods and then not take him.
Narrator: GOB was growing up.

bojangles wrote
..really? you taught me a lesson about teaching my son a lesson?!

Danielle wrote

Leigh Mckinley wrote
Merry Christmas

ADfan wrote
"Buster! What are you doing with mothers rape horn?"

Kitty wrote
Oh yes, there absolutely WILL be a margarita in my mouth. Spring break, woo! Up here, Michael. Up here.

MrPalmeronBass wrote
GOB rocks but Annyong RULES!

Poonjesicles wrote
Where is the "...or cocaine" part of the quote?

htra3 wrote
Screaming children: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
Bleeding man with no arm: "And THAT is why you don't scream in the car!"

Thank u for these great memories. I too, wish I could have you all over for dinner.

Sarah wrote
Bob Loblaw! Bob Loblaw! Bob Loblaw

Chris wrote
I've made a huge mistake.

Dlynn wrote
Where can I get a shirt that has GOB riding on his people mover machine (i know it has a name, but I can\\\'t think of it.) :-)

Monkey Mckenna wrote
Y'all need one with gob doing his chiken dance

Craig wrote
says the guy in the 1400 dollar suit..

Bob loblaw lobs law bomb....

i want this shirt but im so broke some one buy it for me haha

ADfan wrote
Michael Bluth: "your doing time?"
George Senior: "i'm doing the time of my life...."
I loved this show i really hope there is a movie it was so original i really do not understand why it was cut i mean seriously what is two and a half men doing on tv still Allan winning a emmy do not get it....

Heather wrote
Hey! Where the f&*k are my hard-boiled eggs?

Darren wrote
What happened to your friend Dad, the one armed man? " You killed him when you left the front door open with the air conditioner on"

Plant wrote
"I can just hear him now.... 'Who left the cap off my f*#$ing Glisten!!'"

Mother Boy wrote
'Bob Lob Law Law Blog, You sir, are a mouthful!'

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